Mercer County Animal Response Team
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Welcome to Mercer CART!
Here you will find information on the Mercer CART organization, volunteerism, training, meetings and a calendar of events.
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     In September 1999, Hurricane Floyd swept into North Carolina, causing widespread devastation.  Almost three million animals, both pets and farm livestock, lost their lives in the wind and flooding damage resulting from the hurricane.  The attempt to save their lives grew into the North Carolina Animal Response Team, which became the model for other states to develop their own animal response teams.
     Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team  (PASART)was created  in 2004.   Early in 2010, volunteers in Mercer County came together to start the Mercer County Animal Response Team (Mercer CART), an affiliate of PASART and a  501 (c) (3) organization.  Volunteers are trained in the Basic and National Incident Command System, HazMat Awareness, animal response and sheltering, pet1st aid/CPR, large animal response and other related trainings for animal emergencies.  
     Mercer CART is deployed by the Mercer County Emergency 911 Center by emergency services /agencies requesting our services.  We respond to fires, motor vehicle accidents, natural disasters and any man-made or natural animal (companion pets and livestock) emergency.  The active responders are at the scene to support and assist fire departments, local police departments and state police.

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